The Vinyl Festival will be held at Printworks London

Printworks London was built in 1989, and for 24 years The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and The Metro newspapers rolled off its presses.

The venue has now been reborn as a jaw-dropping live space, hosting prestigious music-related events such as the recent Gorillaz album launch, the setting for an Ed Sheeran video and a series of high-profile electronic music events.

The Press Halls are the jewel in Printworks’ crown. With two original printing presses dominating the halls, the space provides a raw post-industrial environment, and The Vinyl Festival will be the first show of its kind held in the Press Halls.

The Vinyl Festival is created by the people behind Long Live Vinyl magazine. Printworks London is the perfect setting of print and vinyl against a contemporary urban backdrop.

The venue is imbued with the values shared by print and vinyl – they are tangible, authentic and tactile formats. Vinyl is enjoying a sustained consumer resurgence, with collectors and musicians alike showing that the format is here to stay.

Find out more about Printworks over at their website